Clearwater Backflow Services

Our Services

We are a full-service company, specializing in:

  • Residential backflow testing
  • Commercial backflow testing
  • Fire Suppression backflow testing
  • Backflow Repairs
  • Backflow Installations
  • We manage all paperwork electronically
  • We provide performance results/reports on all backflow makes and models


  • We provide internal quality assurance results to all customers
  • If a Backflow fails initial test we clean and retest the backflow at no additional charge
  • If a backflow fails mechanically we will repair the backflow and charge for parts and labor and then retest.  There is no additional cost if a retest is necessary.

Backflow testing by ABPA and state certified technicians

  • Backflow repair by our highly trained technical team
  • Annual maintenance and notification of necessary future testing
  • Tracking of all backflow-related concerns in our service areas
  • Initial risk assessment and hazard analysis of your property
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